My Shift at The Tenderloin Room

I’m Young Chef. I love to cook. I’ve been taking adventures of cooking for a while. I’d like to tell you about these adventures on this blog. First, I went to the Tenderloin Room in Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. The owner is Chef Dino. He’s really nice. I was in charge of the salads. Whenever an order of salad came in, I was making it. I met a chef named James. He is really nice too. He taught me all kinds of things, like seasoning meat right and putting the mashed potatoes and broccoli on the right place on the plate. Chef Dino taught me how to make the salads. I never got tired. The only time I went out of the kitchen was to eat my dinner at the end of the day, I had learned a lot. When it was time for me to leave, I saw the waiter make banana foster right in front of us! That’s it for now, but I have more ahead of me.