My Vinaigrette!

Isabella Elena cooking at Lee's

That’s me on the left.

Hi. Remember me, Young Chef? I’ve had another adventure. It’s not really an adventure, but it’s a great idea. My mom has a friend named Christy, and she knows her husband, Lee, too. She and her husband own the business Lee’s Services. They build and paint things. Christy also owns Sweet Pea Farms. I’ll be working there in the summer and in a couple months, they’ll be selling things like parsley and parcel. ( The only vegetable they’ll be selling are peas.)

So anyway, I get my best ideas about food in their house because they love to cook. I was inspired to make my own dressing for salad. It turned out to be a vinaigrette dressing and everyone loved it. It is made of oil, wine vinegar, (any color,) garlic, salt, and pepper. That’s my story for right now, but there’s more ahead of me.