Cupcake Lessons

UnknownHi. It’s Young Chef again. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the article for you! Okay, let’s get started. My mom knows the owner of this place called The Cup. The owner’s name is Ericka. All at once, I was invited to learn to ice and decorate cupcakes their way.

When I came, I had half of a red velvet cupcake that was so delicious. Then I started learning to ice a cupcake in a spiral way. Once I nailed it, she taught me to make a flower on a cupcake with icing. After that, I learned how to make a leaf out of icing on a cupcake.

When I was finished, we made cupcakes for all the workers in The Cup and made cupcakes for my mom, dad, my sister, and myself. They were delicious!