Restaurant Tour De Jour!

Tour de Jour begins!

Hey guys! I am Young Chef. I have something exciting and very important to tell you. While we were sitting together on the couch, my mom had an idea. She said,”We don’t have to go faraway places just to taste new things.” Then she explained her plan. She said that my dad, my sister, she, and I would pick two restaurants we have never been to before. We would pick our favorite out of the two choices. Next, we will decide who gets the first week of June for their favorite. I think it should be my sister, since she is the youngest. Then, we will decide who gets the second week of June, and so on. After that, we would do the same thing with the 4 weeks of July, but with our other restaurant choice instead. My family calls this trip “Restaurant Tour De Jour.”

After we have finished dining at that restaurant, we will come back to my house and, together, write a section for this blog. I will try to post each one by Friday. I am very excited about this. I hope you are too, whomever is reading this. One of my sister’s choices is “Mi Hungry Catering and BBQ.” She doesn’t know about the other one. My mom wants to go to “Rooster,”and she doesn’t know about the other one. I want to go to “The Drunken Fish” and “Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant.” As you can see, I do not have an ordinary taste pallet for a kid. My dad hasn’t picked any restaurants yet. I am looking forward to blogging soon!