Restaurant Tour de Jour! Location #1-Mi Hungry BBQ

My Dad, me, and my sister

Hey guys! I have gone on an amazing journey on the Jamaican food train! I went Mi Hungry Catering and BBQ. It was my sister’s choice. I’d say, it was a pretty pleasant experience. A warning for all you out there, though, if your mouth feels like it is burning from spicy foods easily, do NOT order anything that has the word “jerk” in front of it!

Anyway, my mom drove up to the building, and I saw the name, and a little, pretend man standing next to it. I think he had confetti hair, which was really cute. I saw that they had not only inside seats, but bar seats and outside seats too. As I walked in, I expected to smell something spicy, but instead, I smelled delicious, and savory, smells. I was very excited, because, well, I have never had Jamaican food before. This may be surprising to you, and I was surprised by it, too. So, it was small, and sort of cluttered, but appealing in some ways. The fan was loud, but wasn’t much of a bother, since I could still hear the music, which was very rhythmic.

Before we ordered, a lady came to us and asked us if we wanted a sample platter. Of course, we accepted, just to see what we liked best. It had candied yams, collard greens, rice & beans, green beans, a reggae wing, and, of course, a jerk chicken wing. Here is what I thought: Candied Yams: were sweeter than expected, but satisfying. Collard Greens: were a little salty, but not inedible. Rice & Beans: the rice was not overcooked at all, and the beans were nice and soft, and very tasty. Green Beans: sort of sweet at first bite, but very satisfying overall. Reggae wing: a little tough, but pretty good. Jerk Chicken Wing: not TOO spicy, nice and tender.

After my family was finished with the platters, she gave us a little time to look at the menu. The menu was one piece of paper, which was good, because there wasn’t too much food to choose from. When she came back, we were going to order Jamaican lemonade, but they were out of that, so we just got water. When the time came to order meals, I ordered the jerk tilapia, fried plantains, and rice & beans. My sister was going to order catfish nuggets, mac & cheese, and┬ácorn on the cob, but they were out of mac & cheese and catfish nuggets, too. So, instead, she got a tilapia fillet, green beans, and corn on the cob. She will tell you how that tasted in her section. When I got my food, my jerk tilapia was a bit over-garnished, but it wasn’t totally covered in garnish. Now, my warning applies here. My jerk tilapia was pretty spicy, and people who cant handle spiciness very well shouldn’t order that. Not that it was horribly spicy, it was just as spicy as it should be, in my opinion. There were some bones in there, that I chewed up, though, and that wasn’t very pleasant. ┬áThe rice & beans were the same taste as on the sample platters, which was wonderful. The only thing was, there was tons of that stuff on the plate! The plantains were nice and soft, and tasted banana-ish, like they should be, but I only got a few of them. They were only a small fraction of how many rice & beans there were. Overall, I gave the restaurant three stars. Now, for my sister’s review!


The menu is one piece of paper of paper, which I like because it’s not to much. The jerk chicken is not to spicy. They were out of lemonade but they did have coke, diet coke, diet green tea, diet mountain dew, and water. They gave us lots of samples. There is going to be a band playing after father’s day. The plantains are good. My tilapia was severed with onions over the top, and was very easy to cut. My tilapia had two good sides: 1, Corn on the cob, and 2, Green beans. There were more sides, such as french fries, mac n” cheese,apple stew,cole slaw,corn, and many others.The sides are two dollars.The collard greens are salty.Also it was a small place a some seating plus counter seating.There is also outside seating.


They don’t have a website, but click here is more info.