Restaurant Tour de Jour! Location #4: Rooster!


My crepe at Rooster!

Hello again, readers! This morning we went to ‘Rooster.’ It was very good. Here is my review:

What I thought was cool was you got to pick your own table! We picked one inside. It was a little chilly but the decor made me forget about it. There were kid-like drawings of roosters on the walls, and and a blackboard with the bloody mary and mimosa drink menu on it. But, best of all, the was a HUGE rooster painted on the wall in front of me! So, as you can tell, I liked the decor a lot.

Our server, David, was one of the nicest servers I have had, ever. He was also very quick, and took our order very speedily. I had some hot chocolate, which was really good, and was nice and traditional, which is good. I also had a bean burrito, that has black beans, egg, white cheddar, romaine, and house-made salsa on the side, and it was all wrapped in a crepe. It was very delicious. The waiter told us that the black beans had orange juice in them! I could Β taste it, too.The house-made salsa was a little more of a pico de gallo, but good anyway.

As my mom said, they are famous for their crepes. Not only are they famous for their crepes, they are also famous for their homemade jelly! My mom got me some toast with some of their homemade raspberry jam, which so good. It was one of the best jams I have tasted! Overall, I give it 5 stars!!! Go Rooster! Β  Now for my younger sisters review:


On the kids menu they have french toast sticks, raisin french toast sticks, grilled cheese, pb+j, cheesy crepe, and pizza crepe. They have meter parking and outside seating. I had two pancakes that were GIANT. They have mimosas and bloody mary drinks. i give it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). 5 smiley faces!