Necessary Skills

Hello readers, long time, no see, huh? Well, now, I will write regularly, so BE WARNED! 🙂

Recently, I went to visit some of my family in Wheaton, which is near Chicago. Before we met up with them, we stopped at The Bank, a very nice restaurant in their town.

Patrick Cassata and me

The executive chef was Patrick Cassata, who appeared on Hell’s Kitchen, Season 10. When my mom mentioned how I wanted to be a chef to the waiter, Cassata himself came out from the kitchen and gave me some rare advice.

I asked him what necessary skills I must have to become a great chef and he answered truthfully. I have summarized his words below.

1. Knife Skills. Without knife skills, prep goes slowly and you don’t have all day. Plus, people love pretty food.

2. Patience. Being impatient gets you nowhere. You must be patient to perfect a dish.

3. Tolerance. Tolerance in the heat, the burns you might get, and the bad reviews, which brings me to #4.

4. Shake Off Bad Comments. No matter how fantastic your dish is, there will always be a different taste pallet of someone who hates it. Instead of centering your attention on the small group of hates, pay attention to the large group of greats.

5. Taste and savor every food; learn the flavor. The better you know the food, the better you can make it. Plus, who doesn’t like enjoying good food? 🙂

Another fun fact he gave me is that Indian food is tough to master, and that it will take a lot of practice. Just remember #3.

I will remember these inspiring words. Feel free to comment below about what you think a great chef must have.