Finger Problems

I am typing this with an injured finger.

Okay, so maybe I healed it for a while before I typed this, and now it doesn’t hurt.

I was at my house with my sister one day, and  pulled out a huge “pink cripps” apple. Elena, my sister, walked in the kitchen and asked to share the apple with me. I agreed, and pulled out a cutting board from the cabinet and a Cutco knife from the drawer.

You can probably predict what is coming.

The leading cause of all knife wounds are because the knife slips and your hand is in the wrong position. I am a (lucky) example of these times. This apple was SOLID! I sawed and sliced for a while. When I was slicing up the first half of the apple, my hand was fatigued and I forgot the proper protocol. Then, the knife skidded on the slippery apple skin going forward, and I sliced the right side of my left pointer finger.

First response in my mind: “OH, I’m bleeding.” I started sucking on it for 1 second, then realize I need to put it under pressure. I then rinsed it a little to get the immediate germs from my mouth off it some, then start the greuling “pressure test”. 🙂

I had my thumb and my other pointer finger surrounding it, and had solid pressure, not letting go, for 10 minutes. When I first started, I got my sister to call my parents, who were out shopping. They said they were gong to arrive in 20 minutes. In the 10 minutes I had continuous pressure on it, I stared out the window, and my brain tuned out. I didn’t panic, and my heart didn’t beat fast, probably making the blood flow slower. Then my mom called again, wanted a picture to see how deep it was. I got my sister ready to take a picture, and when I partially let go, it stuck to my finger a bit, then stung. I told my mom, and she said I needed to hold pressure with a wet paper towel, not my bare finger. I obeyed. Then I had to let go entirely a few minutes later. I released it, it started bleeding badly, and I got scared. My heart started beating hard now. But – here’s the catch – the reason it was “bleeding badly” is because it was wet and the blood was spreading with only a small drop leaking out. This made it look like more blood came out. When I finally got a picture, it was blurry and we gave up. I watched TV to keep my mind off it and slow my heart rate.

When my parents got home they heard the story and examined the cut. It was not deep enough for stitches. My dad asked if I sliced in the first part of the slice, or the second. The first part is when you first slice forward into the food, and the second is when you push down. Since it was the first, it was less deep then it could’ve been. I had kept good pressure on it and it didn’t bleed much when they helped me. It also skid on my fingernail, but it didn’t split it. They cleaned it with water and put a band-aid on it.

Then my nail went through wear and tear, and the skid turned into a split. Luckily, it was just a close shave on the pink and trimming it was not hard. My nail still looks normal.

It was a bit hard to get used to using my middle finger instead of my pointer finger to put in contacts and to type (when nessacary). But I didn’t want to not use my left hand all the time! Luckily, I write with my right hand, so all was well.

Now my finger is healed, and there is a small dent where the cut was. The extra skin is peeling, and the fingernail is a bit crooked for now. But, I can type, it doesn’t hurt, I can use the finger, and my mom says there won’t be a scar.

But I’m still putting cocoa butter on it.

-Young Chef