Chava’s Mexican Restaurant

The heat of the pepper hits you first but quickly vanishes in the tangy flavor of the cilantro, tomato, jalapeño, and onion. The sweet of the tomato floods in and to finish it off, the spicy hits the back sides of your tongue. The aftertaste leaves you wanting more. Oh, the salsa at Chava’s.

Don’t be fooled.

Chava’s, the new Mexican restaurant in Edwardsville, is an average time-waster. I ordered the cheese enchiladas, and my dad the chicken, and we switched one each. I like to compare cheese enchiladas to El Maguey, my favorite Mexican restaurant around. The beans were average and tasted like they were from a can. The rice was fluffy, and an interesting and confusing texture I can’t say I liked or disliked. The cheese enchiladas had less melted cheese than my favorite ones, and used cheddar jack. Cheddar jack cheese would NOT be my first choice, being not very authentic, but is average nonetheless. The chicken filling was shredded to death, but tasted okay. The guacamole tasted like something you can get from the grocery store with huge chunks of tomatoes. My dad liked it, however. Meanwhile, most of the employees were having lunch break in the dining room with us, which I found peculiar. At least the staff was nice. Also, the silverware was on the table in a basket. What if they were contaminated by one of the guests?

You can probably tell the salsa was my favorite thing.

The chips were very hot and fresh from the oven, though.

And for the worst and most surprising fact for last, I will quote my mom directly. “This is the worst margarita I have ever had. It’s like an expensive sprite!” My dad, always giving the benefit of the doubt, said “It has the weirdest aftertaste. There has to have been something wrong with that batch.”

Being that I can’t taste the margaritas, but I can trust my parents, I will degrade its score. After all, my dad does have a margarita blog.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars.