Five Bistro

If you ever attend Five Bistro, get the tasting menu. I guarantee you will not regret it.

The tasting menu the night of September 28th, 2013, consisted of some of the best food I have ever tasted. I suppose the only way I can explain this like it deserves is from the beginning to the end.

Before I got food, I ordered whatever the bartender, Lauren, decided to give me. It ended up being a lemon juice-infused club soda with lemon zest and 1 leaf of lemon verbena, an herb, on top. It may sound too sour for your taste, but trust me, it was just fine. Actually, it was better than just fine. It was better than a shirley temple!

To start our appetites, they served an amuse-bouche. The two-bite starter hors d’œuvre was just the start of a fantastic night, and a great one too. It was a tiny biscuit type puff with a meat and field greens filling, sitting on a bed of a well-seasoned shredded sausage similar to, if not the same as, the filling. Salty, just the way I like it. Very tasty.

The first official course was a summer vegetable tagliatelle. It had a creamy sauce with tomatoes and other summer produce, with more field greens on top. Delicious. My only complaint was that one noodle was straying out from a nicely tucked bed of noodles, and my parent’s plates did not have this feature. This very minor plating detail did not bother me much, for the taste made up for it and more.

The second course of the menu I was bouncing in my seat waiting for, after the last dish’s outstanding performance. I was in heaven with this next dish. It was a field green salad with an addicting lemon vinaigrette, sliced carrots, pickled beet, and fresh brie cheese. Divine, and 1 of my 3 favorite dishes of the night. So amazing, I could’ve eaten another plate. But, of course, I had to save room for the other courses.

The third course consisted of more field greens, tuna cut into thick slices a little over the size of a half dollar, and the lemon vinaigrette with something extra I could not identify. As you can remember, the lemon vinaigrette was already amazing, but this unidentifiable liquid made it double that, which is hard for even me to fathom. This was my 2nd of 3 favorite dishes of the night.

The fourth course was my parent’s favorite dish of the night, but it did not make my top 3. This dish was made up of lamb cut about the same size as the tuna cuts, with spaghetti squash shredded into noodle shapes, potatoes, asparagus, and a red wine reduction sauce. While is was remarkable, it did not meet the height of tremendous flavor the other dishes did.

Before we advanced to the 5th and final course of dessert, they served us a small dollop of some of the best chocolate ice cream I ever had. Of course, since it was just ice cream and not an actual course, it was not in the top 3.

For the final course, there was vanilla bean pound cake with peach ice cream and peach chutney. Because my mom mentioned my birthday was the day before, a candle sat on the plate, the wax holding it upright. I blew out the candle promptly and dove in. Good choice, Isabella, good choice. This awe-inspiring dish was breath-taking, made great with the best ice cream I ever encountered and the most flavorful chutney I ever saw (not that i’ve seen much chutney). All of it combined with the cake was a burst of dancing flavors on your pallet, but eating each by itself was splendid as well. These componenents make it 3rd of the top 3, and the best of all of them.

It’s not over yet. My mom also somehow mentioned that I love to cook, so the waitress took me into the kitchen! This kitchen was tinier than I expected, which just proves that there doesn’t have to be an extravagant area for an extravagant dish to be made. I met Chef Anthony Devoti, the executive chef. I also met other chefs, including the salad chef, the chef manning the grill, and others. Chef Devoti told me that he would show me the freezer, but it was empty. He said that he normally has whole pigs in there that he butchers himself. Impressive, right?

The waitress then showed me the inventory room, which had two walk-in fridges. One contained many different boxes I didn’t have time to identify because I was counting the eggs (15 boxes of 25 eggs; that’s 375 eggs!). The other held produce, many bananas, and some cheeses. Lastly, the waitress showed me the garden. It was pretty dark, so it was hard to see. That’s where the lemon verbena in my drink came from!

When I came back, they served us a tiny square of watermelon that was in some sort of a compressor in the kitchen. The compressor popped all the water pockets, so there was tons of flavor in one bite! It also had a tiny sprig of mint on top. Pretty good for a piece of watermelon! This mini-course was just to finish it off.

This is a night I will remember forever. So much good food, and the courses didn’t even made me too full! I would give it 6 out of 5 stars, but since that’s not possible…

I will settle for 5 out of 5 stars.

♥With a little extra love♥