Uncle Ben’s Rice Competition!!!

I’m going to be succinct on this post so that you can get voting!

Recently, I entered the Uncle Ben’s Rice Competition. To enter this competition, you must have a video displaying a rice recipe. The recipe must use the one and only Uncle Ben’s Rice, and it must be under 3 minutes and 10 seconds. The three top winners get a trip to New York to be on Rachael Ray, and $500 dollars to spend while you are in New York! Then they determine the runner ups and the winner. Runner ups receive $5,000 dollars and $10,000 towards their school’s cafeteria. The Grand Prize winner gets 15,000 dollars and $30,000 towards their school cafeteria! The videos are graded on these categories:

  • Personality and ability to engage and inspire the audience (20%);
  • Level of enthusiasm for the recipe and cooking (20%);
  • Demonstrating a basic knowledge of food and recipe (20%);
  • Creativity in responding to the questions posed by Entrant (20%); and
  • Votes: the total number of votes that the Video received on Facebook during the Public Voting Period (20%).

So I need you to vote, readers!!! I have already got my principal acting out and trying to get people to vote so that our school can upgrade our cafeteria! Now I need you to vote for me! Voting starts today, and you can vote once per 24 hour period! So please, vote for me!

Go to this link: https://www.bensbeginnerscontest.com/brand/gallery

Or look up Uncle Ben’s rice competition and go to the page.

Look up “Danelle” and I am the only choice there!

You think I have a chance?