Get Your Old Recipes Computerized!

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This could be you too!

As with many things in this New World of Technology, recipes are going digital! Through the use of on-line services and apps, finding and sharing recipes has never been easier. This is absolutely great going forward – but what about those recipes you have sitting in index cards boxes, scribbled on sheets of paper, or in various cookbooks you’ve collected over time? Sure, you could enter them all in by hand … but who has the time to do all that?

I’ll tell you who – my 9-year old sister and I! We are both tech savvy and we’ve been working with my parents to computerize their recipes over the last several months. With the help of my parents, we are now ready to unleash our skills on the world!

Getting your recipes computerized is very simple!

  • We’ll take your recipes in whatever form you can get them to us.
  • We will digitize them into fully-searchable text.
  • You will receive your computerized recipes back in any format you want.
  • You’ll be able to use them with whatever computer or gadget you own.
  • Your favorite family recipes will be saved for future generations.
  • You will have saved yourself the time and aggravation of doing it yourself.
  • Best of all my sister and I work cheap – you get all this for only $1 per recipe!

All the money we make from this enterprise will go into our own savings accounts and my parents will help us manage our money using the principles we’ve already learned from our Money Savvy Pigs (we split our money between saving, spending, donating, and investing). Not only will you be getting your recipes digitized, you’ll be helping two children entrepreneurs learn financial skills, donate to their favorite causes, and save for their future schooling and businesses! Just think of all the good karma you’ll have coming your way!

My dad is a computer consultant and my mom is a business/marketing consultant. They’ll be helping us manage everything, so don’t worry! Yes this is a real business, we’ll have all the technology details covered, and you’ll be completely satisfied! I promise! We’ll even do one recipe for free just to show you how it all works!

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you right away to get started!

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